How to choose a freight forwarder

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Choosing a freight forwarder

A freight forwarder is an essential for any business wishing to ship cargo domestically or globally, they have all the necessary knowledge and skills to provide your company with peace of mind when coordinating transport, 3PL warehousing, customs clearance and much more.

Some of the fundamental questions a business should ask when choosing an international freight forwarder may include: what are the needs of your shipments? what logistics services do they offer? how much experience does the forwarding agent have? What is the price compared to competitors? and do they have a large network of agents.

Why choose a freight forwarder  

An international freight forwarding company can be an extremely important asset for any business; they have the necessary capabilities and resources to simplify the lives of business owners. Efficiency, speed, and customer service are some of the many qualities logistic companies can offer your business. A forwarding agent will: 

Help save costs

They can help negotiate better terms with different overseas agents due to the volumes of shipments they organise and move. Optimising freight costs may also help reduce or avoid detention charges, shipping costs, storage costs, demurrage charges and other freight related expenses. 

Have a better network

Freight forwarder networks provide access to trusted other logistic members who work with each other to actively promote and support each other with shipping, customs brokerage and other operational related activities. The reason for joining a logistic network is to enable independent freight forwarders to remain competitive in a niche industry. Logistic companies like TGL have an extensive range of contacts who will be able to help in even some of the most specific needs.

Allow for efficiency

A dedicated international freight forwarder can meet all the requirements for moving cargo, whether you need air, sea, or domestic services. Instead of signing three different contracts with different companies, a freight forwarder will handle all this under one roof.

Offer more consistent communication

A logistics provider will continually update a company on the status of their shipments and let them know which documents are required. They will also ensure that companies are always aware of any issues that may arise with their shipments. Some leading companies like TGL have a dedicated specialist who is assigned to one customer, this ensures clients won’t need to reach out to a different person every time they call.

Key things to consider

When choosing a freight forwarder, there are many key characteristics to consider; some of these include:


When working with a range of carriers over long periods of time, freight forwarders are usually able to negotiate better or lower terms for their clients. They also work with multiple clients and can group smaller shipments together for better cost savings. Getting the best price is essential for your business. It is important to know the product your shipping, know the size of your cargo, the type of transport that is needed and much more. Working with forwarding specialist like TGL can ensure clarity with transparent freight quotes, customers can better understand where their money is going.


It is essential that you choose a freight forwarder who has the experience and knowledge to help your business; it is important to choose a company that has experts in your field. The company you choose to do business with should have global reach and experience in different industries. Each industry has different shipping requirements, so a freight forwarder must understand the specific needs of your business in order to tailor their service to what is needed. TGL is a freight company with specialists in construction, machinery, food/beverage, fashion, technology and many more, our dedicated specialist will be able to assist a company in any industry.

Freight forwarding services

Another key aspect for your business to consider is the services being offered. A freight forwarder can be a one-stop shop for all your cargo needs; therefore, choosing an agent with air freight, sea freight, domestic freight, warehouse 3PL, and customs clearance is essential to ensure clarity and efficiency. Warehousing gives businesses flexibility, TGL’s 3PL warehousing services offers clients timely and consistent production support.

Shipping needs

When finding the right freight forwarder, it is vital to choose a company that will understand all your cargo's needs. They need to understand everything involved in shipping your cargo, whether nationally or internationally, from origin to destination. 

A forwarder must understand the incoterms, mode of service needed, the origin address/final destination, how the cargo is packed and what documents/licensing required. It is also essential to know the shipment's dimensions, the container's size, the volume of air cargo, and the type of truck used to transport your products. For SME’s, choosing a logistic company like TGL would be most beneficial as we can offer our all the necessary services help make our client's lives easier.

Other things to consider

  1. Can they handle multiple types of shipments?
  2. Is insurance provided?
  3. Is pricing transparent pricing?
  4. Do they offer any extra freight services?
  5. Are they reliable?
  6. Certification of your freight forwarder: Australian trusted trader.

Why TGL can be you BFF (Best Freight Forwarder)

Think Global Logistics is an international freight forwarding company based in Australia and New Zealand, providing the best shipping services with dedicated our specialists who will help build excellent customer relationships and take the time to ask all the necessary questions. TGL offers a one-stop-shop for all freight forwarding needs, specialising in business-to-business logistics services.

Start-ups and SMEs would benefit most from using TGL services, whether you are shipping air or sea cargo from USA, Vietnam or China to Australia or even just need domestic freight around Australia, TGL can assist you with all your freight forwarding needs. Our services include sea freight, air freight, domestic freight, warehousing, and customs clearance to all industries. We have paved the way for delivering exceptional service to our customers by focusing on our people and technology.

We offer our clients with a simplified service through fixed quoting and transparent pricing along with a single point of contact to guide you through the whole logistic process. TGL can assist you with any needs related to you shipments, our customers are never faced with uncertainty and always have control.

TGL is always continuing to invest in developing its own exclusive systems that will help make your life that much easier by automating processes, reshape the workflow, and collect data more efficiently. The use of advanced technology delivers a swift and simplified process that ensures a cohesive, transparent, and collaborative experience. 

As an Australian Trusted Trader, our customers can trust that TGL will be committed to compliance implemented by Australian Border Force, meaning more efficient trade for you.

Whether your business requires the shipment of furniture, heavy machinery, building materials, food and beverage, fashion, or technology, TGL has experience across all industries to tailor our services to what you need. Our team of THINKERS always go above and beyond to ensure that any obstacles that may get in the way of your business are removed. Contact us today to see for yourself why we are the leading freight forwarder in Australia and New Zealand!

Other freight forwarders to consider 

  1. Mainfreight: A New Zealand based company but also have offices in Australia and USA. They have their own trucks and facilities.
  2. Kerry Logistics Operates out of Asia with a growing presence in Europe, Australia, and the USA. Best used for larger companies.
  3. Henning Harders: A family-owned Australian company currently doesn't have overseas offices and is best used for medium or large-sized companies.
  4. DHL: One of the top logistic companies in the world. They can handle any shipment due to their size and capital. However, top-tier companies such as apple would benefit more than an SME.

At TGL, we offer business to business logistics services, including sea freight, air freight, domestic freight, warehousing, and customs clearance to all industries. Get a quote today.
If you require further information about us and the services we provide, book a free no-obligation consultation session with our logistics professionals.