Construction & Building Materials Logistics

Construction logistics is seen by many as the driving force of many economies, involving a heavy reliance on raw materials and global suppliers. Given the typical nature of construction projects, construction transport commonly necessitates great quantities. Here at TGL we understand the importance of these raw materials, with cost and time essential to business KPI’s. We make sure that all components of your supply chain are handled with care and precision. TGL recognises that the construction transport industry is the opposite of a ‘one-size-fits-all’ process, with raw materials coming from all corners of the globe for some of our clients. Our crafty team of THINKERS are battle tested in these areas, and your business will be in safe hands here with TGL.

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On-time Transportation of Construction Materials


Construction is notorious for detailed project plans, even used by many educational institutions as case studies to capture thorough details necessary to successful benefit realisation. A major aspect of construction planning is in its logistics and procurement planning and having a dependable freight forwarding service such as TGL to complement project planning is something that every business should experience. With the array of clients that we serve ensuring logistical efficiencies across their whole supply chain, not only are we experienced in the industry, but more than capable to cater to your needs in construction logistics.

Whether your business is seeking a cost-effective plan, or a time-sensitive shipment, TGL has you covered. Our talented team continually ensures that your project plans are considered when planning your tailored logistic plans, and our ‘one-point-of-contact’ style that is unique to our industry creates an engaging dynamic between yourself and our crew here at TGL. No longer do you have to jump multiple phone lines or listen to hours’ worth of elevator music to get through to a ‘representative’. At TGL we are proudly personable, where we are always available via any communication channel that you and your business are most comfortable using.

Whether your business requires the shipment of building materials including metal, steel frames, bricks, insulation, concrete panels, roofing, lumber, or many more… TGL has experience across all subcategories. Dependable and tailored logistics solutions are hard to come by in today’s economy, and our team of THINKERS always go the extra mile to ensure that the trials and tribulations of your business are solved via our extensive knowledge and global network access. Send us a request today to see for yourself why we are the leading Australian freight forwarder in construction!

Specific logistics solutions for Construction Industry:

  • Multimodal transport including sea-air, air-sea, and road-rail solutions.
  • Specialised material handling and transport.
  • Flexible approach to each project.
  • Door to door building material transport service.
  • Handling raw materials from suppliers to your construction projects site.

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