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TGL has years of experience, knowledge and a proven record of success that your company requires when it comes to freight and shipping. We take pride in being innovative freight forwarders who design global logistics solutions for optimum results, whether by sea, air, road, or rail. We have worked with hundreds of businesses over the years, from small start-ups to significant international enterprises within all industries. We offer customers specialised and all-inclusive logistics solutions that address every aspect of the supply chain, including customs clearance, warehousing, and value-added services.

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Import/export clearance through all ports/airports
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Integrated air, ocean, rail, and road freight
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Warehousing and value-add service solutions

TGL can handle consignments of every type, by sea, air, road and rail.


At TGL, we can customise logistics solutions for the world's major industries thanks to our years of experience and extensive global network. Whether you need to ship, store, or distribute massive quantities of goods within Australia or other nations, we have the capacity and know-how to meet the unique needs of your market.

We design lean, stable, and secure processes using our expertise in the field and tried-and-true best practices.

You will receive total support for your logistics, customs clearance, warehousing, packing, and delivery requirements in addition to our courier and freight services via air, sea and land. Our logistics experts can create a unique solution for your industry and for any size operation thanks to the wide range of flexible services we offer. Our aim at TGL is to give you the assistance you require to accomplish your targets and obtain a competitive edge within your industry.

Here are a few examples of the industries we are providing logistics and freight services worldwide:

E-commerce Logistics

As an eCommerce startup with a great future ahead of you, you want to concentrate on growth: generating leads, developing new products, and expanding your business. However, with expansion comes the need for logistics. Outsourcing your eCommerce logistics allows you to refocus your attention on what you do best. At TGL, we tackle all of your eCommerce Logistics needs. TGL handles the entire eCommerce logistics process for you, including low-cost international freight services, flexible warehouse space, a dedicated solution specialist, and a specialised inventory system that works in tandem with your ordering platform. So you can concentrate on building your business while we handle the logistics of eCommerce.

Event logistics

No other Australian freight company delivers the full range of services we do when it comes to event logistics. For all of your event equipment, TGL can handle global transport logistics. Your event equipment can be safely stored with us at reasonable costs.

Based on your needs, we can also offer shipping, collecting, and delivery to or from event locations. To ensure the success of your event, our team of THINKERS take care of the planning, transportation, and on-site logistics, providing you with a wide variety of logistic services to meet your needs and expectations.

Electric Vehicles Logistics

Cities all over the world are being populated by electric vehicles, e-bikes, e-scooters, and other products for advanced transport. Regulations are stringent and new initiatives and strategies are always being implemented to meet environmental standards.

The continuous electrification of the world is mostly driven by batteries, which has led to a sharp rise in the demand for sustainable solutions. Due to their designation as dangerous goods, however, the procedures for shipping, return, and recycling is complicated.

Individual laws on battery types and modes of transportation are linked with comprehensive regulatory requirements for shipping and warehousing.

From the procurement of components to the shipping of e-bikes, e-scooters, and spare parts, our teams build and implement added value shipping and logistics solutions that address all of your difficulties in the bicycle industry.

Furniture Logistics

Even though no two furniture manufacturers, importers, or retailers are alike, they all face the same logistical difficulties. Transportation issues are prevalent throughout the industry. The most effective businesses' delivery timetables are hampered by production problems. For furniture companies of all sizes, global reach capabilities fall short.

TGL regularly addresses difficulties of this nature, particularly in the furniture market where the company has built a solid reputation for successful outcomes over years of expertise serving the furniture industry.

We provide comprehensive logistics solutions across Asia, the United States, Europe, and Latin America. We have also established ourselves as a top partner for in-country knowledge and origin services across China, India, Vietnam and all of South-East Asia.

Our global network and furniture industry expertise enable us to provide businesses of all sizes with the appropriate logistics solution, including the capability to monitor and trace furniture shipments both domestically and internationally.


Offering Business Logistics Solutions to Numerous different Industries

  • Specialised supply chain solutions tailored to the operations, logistics and market demands of your specific industry or market segment.
  • Extensive industry knowledge, market intelligence, and global network
  • Track record in handling and shipping a huge variety of products
  • Innovative approaches and concepts that help you to increase productivity and service quality
  • Dedicated warehousing solutions and value-added services

TGL is an international freight forwarding company based in Australia, providing complete logistics solutions to all industries. We specialise in offering business to business logistics services including sea freight, air freight, domestic freight, 3PL warehouse, and customs clearance. We lead the industry in delivering exceptional service to our customers by focusing on our people and technology. Get a quote today or book a free consultation session with our logistic professionals.

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