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As an accredited IATA agent, we manage all sorts of shipments by air, both domestically and internationally. Think Global Logistics is one of the most trusted air freight providers in Australia and New Zealand, with years of experience in air cargo delivery. We understand that each client has different import and export requirements according to their location. Our air shipment services are tailored to meet your financial and geographical needs. Our knowledgeable air freight specialists are ready to work closely with you to ensure your cargo is delivered on schedule and in excellent condition.

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IATA Accredited Cargo Agent
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Secure & trustworthy form of transportation
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Air freight provides the quickest turnaround times
air freight

Air freight is fast, reliable and secure


Air Freight offers shortest and most reliable transit times making it the mode of choice for perishables, sensitive and high value cargo. Shorter shipping times along with tight global aviation handling and security measures means your freight will arrive quicker and safer than Sea Freight.

With Air Freight you can access any country in the world quickly as it is served through the network of global airports. This compared with Sea Freight which are bound by the usage of available cargo seaports means accessing land locked countries will extend transit times and cost. 

However, the convenience that comes with Air Freight will come at a much higher cost. Air Freight is predominantly the go-to choice for customers who want the speed, security and guarantee their shipments will arrive at a certain time. Air Freight is the fastest way to move your goods.

TGL is an international freight forwarding company based in Australia, providing complete logistics solutions to all industries. We specialise in offering business to business logistics services including sea freight, air freight, domestic freight, 3PL warehouse, and customs clearance. We lead the industry in delivering exceptional service to our customers by focusing on our people and technology. Get a quote today or book a free consultation session with our logistic professionals.

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