Warehouse 3PL

Warehousing is an essential service in logistics used to store goods for temporary or long term solutions.

What is warehousing and why should you use it?


Warehousing is a very much needed service for companies that ship and hold products between various locations at once. Warehousing is a clever way to outsource the storage and distribution of your products, leaving this up to the experts while freeing you up to focus on your core business.


Today’s warehouses and distribution centres offer a lot more than just simply storing your products. Various warehouses also provide picking, packing and inventory management. Did you know TGL has its own warehouse? Based in Revesby, Sydney the TGL warehouse is close to Port Botany (Sydney Port) and close to our TGL HQ. We offer services in all areas of warehousing from e-commerce picking & packing, short term or long term storage contracts, inventory management and repacking. So whether you are a new e-commerce business or have just out grown your space, allow us to manage your warehouse and distribution so you can focus on the most important element of your business - selling.


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Warehousing is an ideal solution to think about if you don’t want to have your own warehouse footprint which can mean costly set up, managing additional HR, and keeping up to date with inventory management or control. But outsourced warehousing isn’t for everyone so speak to us today for the right solution.


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All TGL warehouses can fulfil pick and packing
We deliver daily to all major metropolitan centres and shopping malls
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