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We offer customs clearance services across the globe in addition to our current shipping services via air, sea, and land. We are the customs brokers who can assist you with all customs clearance requirements. We'll collaborate with you to develop the best strategy possible based on your unique needs. We are an Australian Trusted Trader accredited company within Australia, and our skilled group of licensed customs brokers are prepared to lend their experience and knowledge to all your importing and exporting needs. 

Australian Trusted Trader | TGL

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Customs Compliance Matters!


Customs Brokers act on your behalf, acting with your best interests at heart. They take care of working with customs to ensure your items go through customs examination securely and smoothly. Payment of duties and taxes are managed accurately while ensuring that the right classification is always used for the goods you are importing.

Our Customs Brokers will help guide you on all the necessary documents required for a smooth clearance process. Documents such as Certificate of Origin, commercial invoice, correct shipping bills are all carefully checked and submitted. Want to learn more about customs clearance documents? Read more about it here.

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Customs clearance service was once a highly regarded service that demanded a high price tag. With the emergence of digital tariffs and also with multinationals commoditising this service,  it has now lost much of the perceived importance it rightly deserves. Due to high competition in the marketplace, companies are cutting corners in opting for younger, less experienced brokers vs acquiring highly experienced but more expensive individuals. 

The results can be costly, and the importer runs the risks of not being compliant with their declarations. At TGL we hand pick our customs brokers and ensure they are well versed, experienced and are the best at helping us help our clients. 

TGL is formally recognised by the Australian Border Security as an Australian Trusted Trader. This accreditation demonstrates regulatory compliance with the Australian Government and the expertise of TGL staff to move cargo across the Australian border. 

TGL is an international freight forwarding company based in Australia, providing complete logistics solutions to all industries. We specialise in offering business to business logistics services including sea freight, air freight, domestic freight, 3PL warehouse, and customs clearance. We lead the industry in delivering exceptional service to our customers by focusing on our people and technology. Get a quote today or book a free consultation session with our logistic professionals.

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