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Fast fashion is the seen trend today, and whilst it may not always be the case, the fashion industry nonetheless demands agile supply chains designed to rapidly adapt to global demands. With stereotypically ‘fast’ changes in customer attitudes, many of our existing clients need the ability for constant re-adjustments to their logistics models. Here at TGL, we are confident in leveraging our extensive experience and industry knowledge of freight forwarding to suitably provide a service to your business that can match your customers purchasing behaviour.

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Customised, cost-effective, and integrated logistics solutions

Premium logistics solutions for fashion industry


With a heavy fashion presence in China, India, and South-East Asia, TGL is well equipped to handle all your fashion and clothing logistics. We work with industries that have significant manufacturing and distribution hubs for global clothing brands. Accommodating various procurement aims such as cost, ethical, and sustainability strategies, you can be rest assured that your business is in the right hands of our experienced THINKERS.

The nature of the fashion industry demands multiple courses of action, and our team understands and responds to multiple situations thrown our way. Whether it be mitigation strategies, sourcing new methods of transport, or regulatory compliance; TGL’s team of logistic specialists can individually tailor your businesses aims and desires.

Amid the recent events of COVID-19, supply chains worldwide were affected by social distancing measures in factories and delays to transport. The fashion industry in Australia was hit hard by these events, where many internationally sourced materials were leaving our clients with a need to re-adjust their models. Onshoring of production and warehousing was seen to be a trend, with TGL able to simultaneously adjust with our client’s business models; enabling an array of mitigation strategies to combat the impacts felt of the pandemic. Other strategies of alternative shipping methods were key, and these agile logistic characteristics that became mandatory over this time was something that TGL takes immense pride in as a key offering of our service to you. With any situation that the world may throw at your supply chain, your business can sleep easy knowing that TGL has your freight forwarding under control, at all times!

We offer personalised logistics solutions for fashion businesses, whether you are preparing ahead for the upcoming fashion season, showcasing the newest ranges at retail exhibitions, sourcing raw materials, or just need a quick delivery of items to fulfil unpredictable customer needs. 

As a prominent Australian freight forwarder offering global services, no product is too difficult for us to handle. Specialising in commodities including clothing, apparel, garments, textiles, fashion retail and accessories, here at TGL we would like to say that fashion is our thing.

Comprehensive Fashion Accessories, Garments, and Textile Shipping Services

  • Freight transportation to anywhere in Australia and the world.
  • Supply chains tailored to your needs.
  • Multimodal & sustainable transport services.
  • E-commerce and fulfillment solutions.
  • Agile response to market demands to manage your entire supply chain, from shipping to warehousing and other value-added services.

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