How does TGL assist the automotive industry in moving vehicles and equipment?

Maria Fernanda Mollo|Jul 20, 2023|No Comment

TGL assist the automotive industry in moving vehicles and equipment



TGL is an international Freight forwarder company that assists the automotive business to move vehicles and equipment locally and internationally.

TGL provides valuable assistance by coordinating and managing the logistics of moving these goods both from and to Australia. 


Here are some key ways in which TGL can support automotive logistics with freight forwarding and 3PL warehousing services:


1. Transport Planning: We analyse the specific transportation needs of the automotive industry, including the type of vehicles and equipment, the distance to be covered, and any special handling requirements. 

We develop efficient transport plans tailored to the unique needs of each shipment.


2. Carrier Selection: TGL has extensive networks and relationships with carriers, including shipping lines, trucking companies, and air cargo providers. 

We leverage these connections to select the most suitable carriers based on cost, transit time, and reliability. 

We manage all the vehicle transportation for your business:



3. Documentation and Customs Clearance: Moving vehicles and equipment across borders involves complex customs procedures and documentation. 

We handle the necessary paperwork, including customs declarations and import/export documentation, to ensure smooth customs clearance and minimise potential delays or issues.


4. Specialised Equipment and Packaging: Automotive goods often require specialised handling and packaging to ensure their safety during transit. We coordinate using appropriate equipment, such as car carriers, flatbed trailers, or specialised containers, to accommodate vehicles and equipment of various sizes and shapes.


5. Tracking and Monitoring: TGL can track and monitor services that allow automotive industry stakeholders to stay informed about the location and status of their shipments. 


6. Insurance and Risk Management: TGL helps mitigate risks associated with transporting valuable automotive assets by offering insurance options. 

They assess the specific needs of each shipment and provide suitable insurance coverage to protect against potential loss, damage, or theft.


Your business will have several benefits when hiring TGL as a reliable freight forwarder supplier.


Here are some key advantages for Automotive Industry:


Efficient and Streamlined Operations: TGL streamlined the transportation process by handling all logistics aspects, including documentation, customs clearance, and carrier coordination. 

Our efficient operations help save time and resources for automotive businesses, allowing them to focus on their core operations.


Cost Savings: TGL leverages our networks and relationships with carriers to negotiate competitive rates for transportation services. 

We can identify the most cost-effective routes, modes of transport, and shipping options, helping automotive businesses optimise their shipping costs based on planning your automotive transportation.


Risk Mitigation: Reliable freight forwarders understand the risks associated with shipping automotive goods and have strategies to mitigate them. 

TGL provides insurance options tailored to the specific needs of automotive shipments, offering protection against loss, damage, or theft during transit.


Global Reach and Network: TGL has an extensive network of international partners, including carriers, agents, and customs brokers. This enables us to provide reliable and efficient transportation solutions across various geographical locations. 

We can handle international shipments, navigate complex customs procedures, and ensure import/export regulations compliance.


Flexibility and Scalability: TGL offers flexible and scalable solutions to accommodate the automotive industry's changing needs. 

Whether it's a single shipment or a complex supply chain requirement, we can adapt our services to meet specific demands and accommodate fluctuations in volume.


Time Savings: By outsourcing the logistics to TGL, automotive businesses can save significant time and effort. 

TGL handles the entire transportation process, including documentation, customs formalities, and coordination with multiple parties. 

This allows automotive companies to focus on their core competencies and improve operational efficiency.




TGL provides all clients transparency and visibility by having an agent in charge of its accounts to facilitate communication between departments. 

It saves time, avoids headaches and mistakes during the vehicle's transportation process.


TGL also works with fixed quotes, so our clients won't have extra surprise costs/fees once the quotation is fully approved. 


The way we present our quotation is also clear and straightforward to understand. You know exactly how much money you will have to pay. 


TGL is fully dedicated to customer service! We put our clients at the centre of our operations, offering them Tailored Logistics services based on their needs. 


Here we provide our clients with the best experience in logistics, managing freight forward services, allowing them to be fully dedicated to their business. 


Sea Freight, Air Freight or Domestic Freight, we understand each business's differences and needs. That's why our specialists will contact you to understand your condition better, and we will provide your business with the best freight solutions.


Book a consultation today with one of our specialists now and understand how TGL can help your business to transport vehicles reliably and transparently.