5 Annoyances with Logistics Industry

Maria Fernanda Mollo|Jul 17, 2023|No Comment

5 Annoyances with Logistics Industry



As an International Freight Forwarder Company with decades of working in the industry, we understand what annoys or frustrates our customers the most. 


Not having visibility, poor customer service, lack of understanding of fees and quotations, time of response, etc. 

Knowing all the lack of the industry, La Chang, our CEO, created TGL almost 10 years ago to provide our clients with the best customer service, complete transparency, and fixed quotations, that are easy to understand. 

TGL is customer-oriented; everything we do is based on providing our clients with tailored logistic solutions.


We are also focused on people to maintain our excellence and ensure customer success. That's why we constantly train our team to help our clients focus on their business, and we focus on managing their Goods – Transport Goods Internationally: Sea FreightAir Freight and Domestic Transport; we deliver door-to-door. 


To be able to do that, we also need to guarantee that our customer values their business as much as we do. They want to invest in their Logistic Suppliers to avoid any kind of headaches. 


When it comes to receiving a proposal request, having complete and precise information is of utmost importance. It sets the foundation for a successful collaboration and ensures all parties are on the same page.


1 - Why is it Important to Have the amount of information when a prospect requests a quotation with TGL?

The first annoyance concerns bargaining before sharing information about what you need. 


Having complete information allows the recipient to fully understand the project's requirements, expectations, and scope. It enables them to provide an accurate and comprehensive proposal addressing the client's needs. 


Without complete information, there is a risk of misunderstandings, delays, and potential revisions later, which can impact the solution we will provide to your business. 


Additionally, clarification plays a crucial role in the proposal request process. It allows both parties to clarify any uncertainties, seek additional details, and align their understanding of the project. 


This open communication ensures that the proposal accurately reflects the client's vision and allows the recipient to propose viable solutions or alternatives if needed.


Providing comprehensive information and seeking clarification makes the proposal request process more efficient and effective. 


Freight Forwarding that only provides the best pricing can leave you hanging on problems, and it happens very often, unfortunately. 


That is why it's crucial to prevent further extra costs based on a lack of information or visibility by hiring a reliable logistics provider than trying to save money by choosing the cheapest solution. 


2 - We are freight forwarding services specialists with more than 30 years of expertise. 

The second annoyance is a comparison based on price or questioning the quotation. 


As we mentioned, we are specialists and very oriented and focused on protecting our clients and providing them with the best experience with Logistics. 


And to be able to do so, providing a dedicated agent to your business, fast replying, managing your shipment talking to one point of contact only, we cannot bargain like a street market. 

We know our value as much as we know the value of our client's Goods. 


If you don't understand the value behind excellent customer service in freight forwarding companies, you never face a lack of information or delays.


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3 - Another topic of the 5 annoyances with the Logistic Industry is not directly related to our customers but affects how we operate is: working from home!

The third annoyance can be controversial: working from home. 


Work-life balance is natural at TGL. Get ready to go to work and finish your work. In different environments, it's essential to have a healthy and productive work life. 


We are very focused on motivating people to do better every day and offer our customers the best service. 


Educating our staff to offer the best-tailored solutions and operate in every single category of the freight forwarder segment is required at TGL. 


We learn a lot from our colleagues and contribute a lot to one another daily. Here, all the members are not stagnated. We are learning in a one-to-one conversation; we are exchanging information; we are sharing stories and 


To be able to find the best solutions, our communication must be without any gaps. 


We must be able to communicate quickly, act and react to any situation and be ready to do so; it's essential. We need our people engaged to be TGL because we are people-oriented. 


4 - How you pitch us: companies using cold e-mails. If you seek partners, be better than generic and don't sell your value by offering cheap rates.

The fourth of the 5 annoyances with the Logistics Industry is when agents try to commoditise them by offering cheap rates


We don't base our services on the cheapest rates, we offer tailored logistics solutions to companies that value their Goods, so they need to ensure we are taking care of their products. 


When we only talk about prices and offering the cheapest, we are devaluing our services and not contributing to our market. 


We must deal with many people when managing our customer's goods to be delivered, so we cannot only be based on rates. 


We want to be perceived as something other than a cheap Freight Forwarder Company but one that delivers the best service to our customers. 


We are highly reliable and take our job very seriously. When we offer the cheapest rate, we don't recognise our value. 


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5 - The last annoyance is outsourcing companies and talents from other countries to reduce costs, not concerned about quality. 

Fifty not contributing to your own country by outsourcing the cheapest services. 


To be able to oversee our companies, directions, and life, we cannot direct the decisions to other people or companies. When we outsource only to reduce costs, we still need the opportunity to improve ourselves, improve the gaps in our own companies, and improve our country's workforce. 


If your talents are not here, there is no visibility towards what is done, and most of the time, the quality of the services is not on our standards. 

At TGL, we provide transparency and visibility to our clients; we also train all the staff to keep the new talents with us performing very efficiently.


We are also contributing to the market by developing new professionals in the logistics field by training skills in freight forwarders and 3PL. So, we are helping our country. 


We have an Extra Annoyance; you must watch the video to figure it out!

What about you? What are your five annoyances in Logistics Market? Please share your experience with us; perhaps we can help you to find solutions for most of them.