How to Export: A Guide for Start-ups

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How to export Good from Australia

What is a Freight Forwarder and how it can help start-ups?

A Freight Forwarder is a company or service provider that helps facilitate the transportation of goods from one location to another. They act as intermediaries between the shipper (individual or business) and various transportation carriers, such as airlines, shipping lines, trucking companies, or rail operators.

Freight forwarders play a crucial role in goods' logistics and supply chain management. They handle tasks such as arranging transportation, preparing necessary documentation (customs clearance, shipping labels, etc.), and managing the overall cargo flow. They often provide additional services like cargo insurance, warehousing, and inventory management.

For start-ups, freight forwarders can offer several benefits:

1. Expertise and Knowledge: Freight forwarders have extensive knowledge and experience in navigating the complex logistics landscape. They can guide and assist in understanding shipping regulations, documentation requirements, and customs procedures, ensuring smooth and compliant transportation of goods.

2. Cost-Effectiveness: Freight forwarders leverage their industry connections and volume discounts to negotiate competitive shipping rates, helping start-ups save on transportation costs. They can optimize shipping routes, select the most suitable carriers, and consolidate shipments to maximize efficiency and minimize expenses.

3. Time-Saving: Handling logistics can be time-consuming for start-ups, diverting their focus from core business operations. Freight forwarders take care of the logistical aspects, allowing start-ups to concentrate on their products, marketing, and overall business growth.

4. Global Reach: Freight forwarders have extensive networks and partnerships worldwide, enabling start-ups to expand their reach and ship goods globally. They can provide insights into international markets, advise on the best shipping options, and assist with customs clearance procedures in different countries.

5. Risk Management: Freight forwarders can help mitigate risks associated with shipping, such as loss, damage, or delays. They offer cargo insurance options to protect valuable shipments and handle claims processes if any issues arise.

By leveraging the expertise and services of freight forwarders, start-ups can streamline their supply chain, reduce logistics complexities, and focus on building their business effectively. Start-up companies can depend on the expertise of freight forwarders to coordinate shipping from beginning to end so they do not need to worry about the complex process of exporting.

Exporting is an exceptional way to increase productivity, increase sales, identify new customers, and grow your business. Once you have identified your unique selling proposition (USP) you need to contact a reputable freight forwarder who has experience in your industry; they will advise you on what regulations apply, whether you need a permit or any other exporting inquiries. It is important to find a trusted and reputable freight forwarder as they will have stronger network connections. 

Check below our CEO, La Chang, video. A complete guide: Importing goods for start-ups

A good freight forwarder also provides to start-ups peace of mind!

Any company who is looking to expand their business and start shipping internationally would benefit by using a good freight forwarder. A freight forwarder can work as your outsourced shipping department and advice to the process of exporting to save you both time and money.

They should be able to understand your needs and identify the best processes to move shipments on time and at a competitive price. Freight forwarders can normally negotiate better prices because they work with a bulk amount of goods in various countries. 

Help with identifying risks

Freight forwarders are equipped with the necessary skills to anticipate problems that may occur due to external issues such as a truck breaking down, port congestion, global conflicts, or a global pandemic.

While the global supply chain industry has become more advanced, the likelihood of your goods arriving at the destination without a setback is low. Forwarders can track shipments, so they would be able to promptly inform you if there is a delay with your shipment and keep you updated along the way.

Help with understanding the different needs of countries. 

Freight companies have connections all over the world and can understand local customs and traditions. Shipping to different destinations would be difficult to manage on your own, so using a freight forwarder is going to be much easier as they already know who to work with in the chosen location.

Freight forwarders also work with all kinds of providers who can quickly find the quickest and most cost-effective way to transport goods to a new location. Whether you are exporting full container loads (FCL) to the USA or less than container loads (LCL) to China, a logistic company will understand what your company needs.

Help with understanding compliance.

When a company decides to expand globally, there are a number of standard compliance regulations that they need to understand. With the help of a freight forwarder, you will be able to identify which export documents you will need for your goods to successfully clear customs. 

Some of the export documentation may include a commercial invoice, packing list, shipper’s letter of instruction and a certificate of origin. While a freight forwarder is there to help, you are ultimately responsible should something go wrong, therefore it is essential that you understand your compliance responsibilities. 

Help with understanding transportation needs.

As a start-up, complete supply chain optimisation is critical; using the same company for all freight services will enable more efficient transportation of goods. A reputable freight forwarder like TGL will be able to provide the relevant information and can assist you at any stage of the process. For goods with more complex transporting needs, you should also seek a freight forwarder with specialised experience in different markets. With experience, logistics companies can build better relationships and truly understand the needs of various industries.

Help with understanding the shipping needs of your industry.

Each industry has different shipping needs; a food distributor would require different solutions from a construction company that ships building materials. An experienced freight forwarding team will help you build the best possible export strategy no matter what industry you operate in. Some of the key industries that TGL offers shipping services to are:

Food and Beverage

The food and beverage industry demands thorough attention to detail and extensive knowledge of food safety requirements, a freight company must become familiar with the export conditions of the chosen destination country. Food exports must meet the standards of the destination country, be correctly labelled and have the required documentation for the shipment. The exporting regulations depends on the type of food being shipped; dairy, eggs, seafood, and meat all require different procedures. As an international freight forwarder with extensive expertise in food and beverage, TGL can manage all export and import enquiries.

Building Products

Exporting construction and building materials requires extensive knowledge and expertise. Given the nature of the construction industry, the transportation of building supplies requires detailed supply chain management solutions. A single building project may also require different resources being exported from different countries at the same time and may be limited by time restraints. A logistic company can guide you on the best shipping methods and help deliver goods within the restrictive project timelines.


Exporting machinery is a complex and highly regulated process. When exporting heavy machinery, preparation is essential to ensure cost-effective and timely delivery to the destination. In some cases, permits may be required for any used machinery, which must be obtained before arriving in the destination country. Whether you are moving cranes, rollers, excavators, bulldozers, or pavers, TGL can offer a specific freight forwarding strategy to ensure your project deadlines are met. 


The fashion industry requires a highly flexible supply chain designed to adapt rapidly to global demands. Due to the nature of the fashion industry, companies need various transportation services to adapt to the rapidly changing environment.

Documentation including commercial invoices, export packing list, electronic export information, bill of lading and a certificate of origin are all essential for customs clearance. In international trade, fashion goods are limited by mandates from the customs authority.

The global market for Australian fashion offers excellent potential for established and emerging designers. The fashion industry contributed $7.2 bn in export revenue, this is more than double the value of wine and beer exports.


The technology industry is ever-evolving, the competition is intense and requires knowledgeable partners. Supply chains for technology devices must be highly agile in order to deliver products to market in time.

The technology export sector is rapidly growing, and exports could reach $19 billion by 2030. With this growth, it is even more critical to introduce a logistic expert to help with exporting.

How TGL can help you

Think Global Logistics offers specialised freight services for land, air, and sea freight anywhere around the world. Our experienced freight forwarders will provide optimal logistic solutions for a range of industries. Whether you are exporting food, machinery, clothing or looking to transport technology, we will be able to accommodate all your needs.

TGL's team of THINKERS have developed a strong global presence in countries including the USA, Vietnam, China and countless more. Not all freight forwarders offer the same services; therefore, asking if your chosen forwarder has everything you are looking for is essential.

We will help streamline end-to-end logistic processes so that you can focus on other parts of your business. It is also imperative that a forwarder has accreditations implemented by the Australian government. As an Australian Trusted Trader, we are part of a wide range of national and international networks.

Regardless of your freight forwarding needs, our logistics experts at TGL know the ins and outs of supply chain management.

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