Good Food and Wine Show: Food and Beverage Industry and Logistics

Maria Fernanda Mollo|Jul 7, 2023|No Comment

Good Food and Wine Show and Logistics Solutions

How to Achieve Food and Beverage Distribution in Australia?

If you think that Good Food and Wine Show is unrelated, we can prove that you are wrong.

Logistics plays a crucial role in event planning and enables Food and Wine Beverages businesses to import and export goods globally.

About Good Food and Wine Show 2023 that happened in Sydney 

The Good Food & Wine Show in Sydney was a delightful thrill for food and wine lovers. But also, for the food and beverage industry.

From June 23rd to 25th, 2023. Hosted at the ICC Centre, this extraordinary event provided a day filled with tantalizing flavours, exciting adventures, and captivating revelations.

It was an awesome experience that allowed attendees to savour exquisite tastes and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Attendees had the opportunity to explore the show, where hundreds of food and drink exhibitors delighted their senses with delectable offerings.

Engaging conversations with passionate winemakers and distillers provided insights into their craft and fascinating stories.

Renowned chefs showcased their cooking skills at the Kitchen by Harris Scarfe. He captivated visitors with delicious recipes, live cooking shows in pop-up restaurants and Australian favourite chefs.

The event also offered masterclasses, where participants delved into wine and cheese pairings or embarked on an intriguing whisky-tasting journey. 

Adding an extra touch of luxury, the Good Food & Wine Show featured a VIP Lounge, providing a delightful indulgence for attendees.  

The Good Food Theatre entertained spectators with live on-stage recipe demonstrations by beloved culinary stars. This exceptional event blended enjoyment, flavours, and cherished moments. It was a must-visit for all food and wine enthusiasts. 

Addressing Logistics Challenges in the Food Industry with Unmatched Expertise!

 The Good Food and Wine Show's success and meeting the unique logistics needs of the food industry involves overcoming various challenges. 

Why was TGL, an International Freight forwarder Provider, attending this Food and Beverage Event?

At TGL, we have the expertise and resources to address these obstacles effectively for the food and beverage supply chain. 

Via Sea, Air or Road, we are committed to delivering our clients the best freight forwarding solutions. 

Our logistics solutions deliver food and wine products fresh and on time while meeting regulatory requirements. 

·       Efficient Shelf-Life Management: In the fast-paced food industry, efficient shelf-life management is essential. TGL's expertise in inventory management, transportation management, optimised routing, and streamlined processes ensures timely deliveries and minimises delays.

By reducing transit times and implementing reliable tracking management systems, we help clients minimise product spoilage and maximise shelf life.

·       Navigating Regulatory Compliance in Logistics for Food and Beverage: Compliance with complex regulations is crucial in food importation and distribution. TGL's experienced team is well-versed in health and safety regulations, labelling guidelines, and import/export protocols.

We ensure our clients' shipments follow required compliance standards, avoiding delays or issues.

End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility: TGL understands the importance of supply chain management and visibility in the food industry. We provide real-time insights into the movement of food and wine products through advanced tracking and monitoring systems.

This comprehensive visibility enables timely intervention, proactive risk management, and seamless coordination across the supply chain.

Delicate Handling and Packaging Expertise: Food and wine products require delicate handling. Appropriate packaging for safe transportation, especially for temperature controlled.

TGL's trained professionals implement best practices to prevent damage or spoilage. With meticulous handling and packaging methods, we ensure products reach their destinations in optimal condition, maintaining their quality and taste.

 We also offer 3rd party logistics solutions to deliver your goods door-to-door.

Partnering with TGL – Your Trusted Logistics Provider for Beverage and Food!

  • Pillars of Our Success: With TGL, you will have a dedicated solutions specialist who is your single contact point. They offer guidance and support throughout the logistics process. 
  • Our Technology: We embrace innovative technologies and automated systems to provide a collaborative experience, ensuring efficient and accurate logistics operations.
  • Fixed Quoting: At TGL, At TGL, we offer fixed quoting, ensuring there are no surprises when it comes to billing. You can use our transparent pricing structure to plan your logistics budget effectively. 
  • Straightforward Transparent Pricing: We believe in transparent pricing that is easy to understand, with no hidden costs. Our pricing structure ensures clarity and enables you to make informed decisions. 
  • Australian Trusted Trader: TGL's endorsement as an Australian Trusted Trader ensures compliance and regular supply chain practices. This facilitates smoother trade operations for our clients. 


TGL is the go-to logistics provider in the food industry that meets the challenges businesses face. We know how crucial it is to keep things cool, manage shelf life like a pro, and follow all the rules. Keep an eye on the entire supply chain and handle delicate goods carefully. 

When you choose TGL as your logistics partner! Sit back and relax, as we ensure the safe and timely delivery of your food and wine products. 

This allows you to concentrate on your strengths and confidently navigate the ever-changing market demands.

Contact us today and find out why we're Australia's top freight forwarding company.