When to Use a Freight Forwarder

Milad Nabi|Feb 16, 2021|No Comment

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Our guide to choosing the right freight forwarder for you

You’re interested in using a freight forwarder but there are so many options out there? Our guide to choosing the right freight forwarder for your size business.


If you are a large company looking to move large quantities of goods to multiple locations, the best type of freight forwarder to deal with is a multinational. Offering multiple offices around the world and a large customer service team, you will be able to ship multiple shipments of goods to all of your desired locations through one company. Multinational freight forwarders also offer multiple services such as sea freight, air freight, domestic freight and often operate through subcontracts and owned assets to move your goods from A to B. Your best bet would be to acquire a global company such as DHL or FedEx.

Best companies for you:  DHL or FedEx

Large Independent

Business owners operating a large company should source a large independent freight forwarder. A large independent such as TGL or Henning Harders offer industry expertise, a large customer service team, and utilise agents around the world whilst having the flexibility of using an agent that suits their customer’s needs. This offers a more tailored approach as the freight forwarder can match agents and assist in finding solutions to your specific logistics needs. With a multinational freight forwarder, customers are stuck using the same company globally which can result in an umbrella approach and less personalised experience. Most independent freight forwarders offer domestic or land transportation and partner with other logistics companies that handle the international shipments of goods. Using a large independent freight forwarder such as TGL or Henning Harders will allow your business to transport goods to all corners of the world and will allow one company to care of your business needs.

Best companies for you:  TGL & Henning Harders

Courier Service

If you are a business that ships multiple packages to customers, it is best that you acquire a courier service to transport your goods. Whether you are an e-commerce start-up, small business, or large business that is looking to ship multiple packages to customers a day, a courier service would be most valuable to your business. From shipping a document to a smaller package of up to 100kg, courier services can deliver your package from A to B. Offering company-owned vehicles for their transport fleet or a subcontracted team, you can rely on a courier service to deliver your packages to the regional and metropolitan areas of Australia. For courier services, DHL, Australia Post, or Pack & Send are the companies for you.

Best companies for you:  DHLAustralia PostPack & Send

Small to Medium Enterprises

For small to medium enterprises, it is undeniable that you need a freight forwarder that offers a rich network of partners, industry expertise, and personalised customised service. As you may be encountering business growth or expansion or redefining your business practices, it is important to link arms with a logistics partner that will offer industry advice, provide time and cost efficiency and assist with offering a solution to your logistics needs. Freight forwarders such as TGL, offer all modes of goods transport through sea, air, and land. But they also offer warehousing services and customs clearance. This can be especially helpful as the one logistics provider can assist in transporting your goods from overseas manufactures, storing them at their warehouse, and picking and packing the order for you.  

For a small to medium sized company that has limited knowledge in logistics or is aiming to redevelop their efficiencies, partnering with a freight forwarder can provide solutions to many of your logistics needs. Partnering with an SME focused freight forwarder, can allow you to harness personalised service, a smaller, dedicated team for customer service, industry expertise, and solutions to support you through every stage of your business growth.

Best companies for you:  TGL

Personal Removalist

If you are an individual looking to transport personal goods, it is best to look to a removalist service. Although this isn’t defined as a freight forwarder, many businesses encounter customers looking to ship belongings internationally or domestically. To receive the most tailored service for personal goods, it is important to acquire a removalist or personal goods shipper to move your goods. These businesses offer shipping services for goods such as luggage, clothing, small furniture and other personal belongings in a suitcase or box form. Many of these companies will pick your goods up from an origin location, usually your front doorstep, and deliver them to a destination address. This could be another home address, business address, or storage facility.

Best companies for you:  Pack&SendSend my BagTransco Cargo: Personal Shipping.