Waterfront Industrial Action Update

Milad Nabi|Sep 24, 2020|No Comment

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An update on the current waterfront industrial action facing the major stevedores at the Port Botany terminal in Sydney.


Due to the recent congestion experienced in Sydney's Port Botany terminal, the Freight & Trade Alliance (FTA) and the Australian Peak Shippers Association (APSA) have seen an influx of serious concerns regarding the impacts of the congestion on the New South Wales (NSW) supply chain and logistics industry as a whole.


The FTA explained it is essential for the three Port Botany stevedores to resolve all ongoing industrial action to begin to ease port congestion and diffuse all further impacts to the NSW supply chain. By resolving this, it will "prevent a domino-effect of congestion at other ports", the FTA said.


Continuing will detail the recent developments of each major organisation.



As stated in our previous update, DP World Australia advised that the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) will not be taking industrial action of any kind at their Port Botany terminal before 1 November 2020.

Operations for DPWA will be resuming and will continue to work to decrease congestion as of today.



The FTA was in contact with Hutchison Port who acknowledged the adverse impacts of industrial action however, they are confident that through further upcoming negotiations, they will be able to address the areas of concern soon and return to their regular state of service.



Following our previous update, Patrick terminals are in need of urgent resolution due to their large market share at the Port Botany terminal.

Due to recent industrial action at the Patrick Port Botany terminal, the congestion has continued to gridlock their operations with an estimated 58 thousand TEU in the system and delays reaching 18 days.

The FTA explains Patrick cannot operate at anywhere near capacity as a result of the Protected Industrial Action against them.


To understand more about the Protected Industrial Action currently impacting Patrick terminals, read here.


We will continue to monitor the landscape and provide updates where necessary.