Supporting Escabags: Making a Difference Together

Daniel Kasif|Jun 27, 2023|No Comment

TGL Partners with Australian Domestic Violence Charity, Escabags.

At TGL, we proudly partner with the Escabags team, creators of 'Escape bags' filled with essential items left behind by victims of domestic violence. These bags provide much-needed support for adults and children, including daily essentials like toiletries, toys, and blankets. By joining forces with Escabags, we ensure these bags reach those who need them most, empowering mothers and their young ones to escape harmful situations.

As the official logistics partner for Escabags, we facilitate the distribution of Escape bags weekly across various locations in Australia. Our role is to organise and ensure the smooth movement of these life-changing bags, allowing us to support a vulnerable group and give back to the broader Australian community. We are honoured to continue this partnership and provide ongoing assistance to those in need.

What are Escabags?

Escabags is an Australian charity organisation providing support and access to necessities for victims escaping domestic violence. Escabags' mission is to alleviate the immediate trauma of domestic abuse by providing free and effective access to 'Escape Bags' in communities, connecting victims with resources and agencies to continue their journey.

Not only do we support Escabags through logistics, but we also participate in their annual charity events. In 2020, TGL was a major sponsor of the Escabags Inaugural High Tea event, and we are thrilled to announce our silver sponsorship for the upcoming 'Mad Hatters Team Party event on 15th May 2021. By attending these events, we show our commitment to making a real difference in the lives of domestic violence survivors.

Why is it called Escabags?

The name was born by merging the core product 'Escape Bags' into 'Escabags' toward survivorship.

TGL continues to support Escabags by attending their annual charity events. In 2020, TGL was a major sponsor at the Escabags Inaugural High Tea event. TGL is proud to announce that we are continuing tradition by becoming a silver sponsor for Escabags 2021 'Mad Hatters Team Party' event on 15 May.

To assist the Escabags community, TGL urges all in our Thinker community to consider donating essential items financially or by becoming a stockist to support our partner charity. Escabags Ltd is a registered Australian charity with DGR status, so all donations over $2 are tax-deductible. Coming up to tax time - this is a great opportunity.

For more information on Escabags and how they are making their mark, please visit the Escabags website. Also, stay social with Escabags through their social media channels: FacebookInstagramTwitter

Please continue to stay up to date with TGL through our social channels: FacebookInstagramand LinkedIn.

Together, let's continue supporting Escabags and transform the lives of those affected by domestic violence.