State Border Closure Update


State Border Closure Update

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On July 8, the Victorian, New South Wales and Queensland Governments announced a State Border Closure. New South Wales and Queensland temporarily closed their borders to Victoria in an effort to decrease the risk of a second outbreak in the two states.

Due to a rise of COVID-19 cases in Victoria last week, the Victorian Government announced a 6-week lockdown period, in an attempt to flatten the curve for a second time.  

Although the borders were closed to residents of Victoria, as an essential service, freight services were able to continue as normal, ensuring essential suppliers were delivered during the ongoing pandemic.

NSW Border Closure

The border between New South Wales and Victoria has been closed since the 8th of July. Freight services were considered a critical service under the NSW Public Health Order.

However, entry permits are required to enter the state of New South Wales, which caused significant teething problems following the closure of the border. Permits are able to be secured through Service NSW, with those travelling between the states avoiding self-isolation if a COVID-19 safety plan is in place with their employers.

Transport NSW is continuing to work closely with the NSW Police Force, NSW Health and Freight Victoria to ensure the continued movements of freight over the border.

During this time, 6 border crossings have been prioritised as main crossings.

Queensland Border Closure

Following the closure of the Queensland border to Victoria, the Government has updated its Coronavirus restrictions.

The restrictions require those who had travelled from Victoria within the last 14 days to not enter Queensland and will be turned away from the border. Especially, if they do not have a valid pass.

In relation to freight services, drivers from Victoria are required to complete a Queensland Border Declaration Pass prior to their entry into Queensland. Border passes are valid for a period of 7 days and include additional requirements.

These requirements consist of the following requirements;

  1. Keep a record of people they come into close proximity with while in Queensland
  2. Maintain 1.5 metres distance from others
  3. Remain self-quarantined in their vehicle or accommodation as much as they are able to

South Australia Announces Border Closure

Furthermore, whilst the state border closure has been in place between 3 states, South Australia has since announced the closure of its state to Victoria. The SA border closure will be in place to anyone travelling from Victoria, unless they are considered an essential traveller.

  1. The South Australian Government required drivers and operators to do the following;
  2. Wear a face mask that covers the mouth and nose, when in public.
  3. Self-quarantine, when not performing essential duties.
  4. Keep a record of people they come into contact with for 14 days. The records must be kept for 28 days following the 14-day record keeping period.

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