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Get the know for the logistics industry through learning about incoterms and shipping container types.

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At TGL, we provide an end-to-end service to help our customers every step of the way throughout the logistics process.


Want to learn more about logistics?


Take a look at our logistics resources to help you understand more about the freight industry.


Plan ahead with our shipping container dimensions to ensure you find the most appropriate size and type for your cargo. Read about Incoterms, a global commercial standard set by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) to understand the responsibilities of the buyer and seller throughout the logistics process.


Take a step further and learn more about how freight forwarding works in our blog post article or watch our CEO, La explain shipping costs on our Youtube channel. We want to help you grow your logistics understanding and knowledge to ensure transparency in our freight forwarding services.


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We understand freight and logistics can be a little complex at the best of times, so do not fear, TGL is here.


Our job is to take care of your freight forwarding needs so you can focus on your business. Contact us today via our online form, handy webchat, at sales@tgl.co or call 1800 845 845 if you have any queries.


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Shipping Container Dimensions

All the dimensions and capacities of various shipping containers

TGL Incoterms

Defines exactly the shipping responsibilities of both the buyer and the seller

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Terms & Conditions

These Term & Conditions apply to all freight forwarding services performed by TGL

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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy on how we use the data you share with us and who has access to it

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