Khapra Beetle Alert

Milad Nabi|Nov 30, 2020|No Comment

Khapra Beetle Australia Mitigating Risks

Australian Khapra Beetle Update


This notice affects customs brokers, freight forwarders, exporters and importers of high-risk plant products.


As you may be aware, there has been a recent detection of Khapra Beetle entering Australia via imported shipping containers and cargo. Khapra Beetle is Australia's number two National Priority Plant Pest. As a result of this discovery, the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment has announced the implementation of urgent actions in phases, to address the risk of khapra beetle. These actions can be found on the Department's website.


Before any changes being implemented, they will also consult the industry for input with these decisions.


Containers containing grain, seeds and nuts for export are required to meet Australian Food Standards and must be inspected and certified as being hygienic and suitable for export. The Department notes what to look for and that the Khapra beetle may be harbouring beneath the flooring and may not be visible.


The industry involved in the preparation and containerised of grains, seeds and nuts should be vigilant for contamination of Khapra beetles.


The Department advises "Industry plays a vital role in these instances for Australia's biosecurity". Keep a lookout and report potential risks (contamination of containers) so step can be taken to protect Australian crops and Agriculture.


We will continue to monitor the landscape and update where necessary.