A TGL Initiative to Show Our Support

Brooke Hicks|Mar 18, 2020|No Comment

In view of the looming economic crisis caused by the COVID19 pandemic, we at Think Global Logistics (TGL) understands the importance of spending money as it is the bedrock of all economies.


So aside from the practical hygiene precautions, we would like to stress the importance of SPENDING as this is the handwashing equivalent measure if we are to keep our economy healthy especially during these uncertain times. 

To spend is to create revenue and in turn create the lifeblood to all businesses especially small to medium-sized businesses, CASHFLOW. Governments around the world are taking action with their stimulus announcement to guard against the failure of SMEs so we at TGL have decided to do our bit for our customers. 

For the month of April, all existing and new customers will receive free customs clearance to the value of AUD 100 per shipment. We know this amount will not solve the crisis but we hope that through this gesture we will encourage our community to adopt similar measures.


Because the old adage remains true, united we stand, divided we fall!