Supply Chain & Logistics Association of Australia (SCLAA) welcomes Think Global Logistics.
March, 17, 2022

TGL joins the Supply Chain & Logistics Association of Australia as its newest Platinum National Partner.

Sydney Morning Herald Global Shipping Christmas Chaos Australia Facing Shipping Crisis
November, 03, 2021

Hear what TGL Founder, La Chang, has to say in Sydney Morning Herald's global shipping & the impacts on Australia article. Read the full story.

TGL hand sanitiser donation to charities around Australia
August, 18, 2021

TGL partners with Australian local charities to offer support through hand sanitiser donations. TGL partnered with Benevolent Society and One Voice to assist the most vulnerable.

TGL Basics for Beirut Lebanon Charity After Explosion in Lebanon.
April, 28, 2021

MEDIA RELEASE: TGL links arms with local charity, Basics for Beirut, to ship two 40ft containers full of essential supplies to Beirut, Lebanon.

TGL Partners with Australian Domestic Violence Charity, Escabags.
April, 28, 2021

TGL proudly partners with Australian Domestic Violence Chairty, Escabags.

TGL Australian Trusted Trader
May, 14, 2020

International freight forwarder, TGL, is now approved as an Australian Trusted Trader. Brining priority processing to their customers.

March, 18, 2020

A TGL initiative for the month of April to assist our new and existing clients with customs clearance.