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At TGL we want to do our bit in keeping our friends protected from germs, so we are now offering free 75% alcohol hand sanitizers to all TGL customers!

According to experts, a lot of hand sanitisers on the market do not actually contain the enough alcohol to be effective in protecting against germs. Equally, sanitisers with 100% alcohol are ineffective because they require water to work. The World Health Organisation (WHO) said “100 per cent alcohol is nowhere near as effective as 70 per cent, for instance, so getting the right concentration is important”.

Each TGL customer can get a free allocation of 10x100ML per account. All you have to do is register your interest with your account manager or at For additional hand sanitisers and for non-TGL customers please contact us on 1800 845 845 for more info.

Free shipping for orders over AUD 500. Available from 20th May. Subject to availability

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