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May 2020

Roadmap to a COVIDSafe Australia: COVID-19 Update

Roadmap to a COVIDSafe Australia: COVID-19 Update 649 365 tgl_editor

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has revealed the National Cabinet’s proposed 3-step plan to ease restrictions across Australia.

The announcement highlighted that each state and territory leader will have the ability to decide on the best timeline given their individual circumstances. In an effort to ensure the flattening of the curve, the “Roadmap to a COVIDsafe Australia”, will be reviewed every 3 weeks to monitor progress.

According to the Department of Health, the first and most important step was to reconnect with friends and family. Step 1 allows small groups of up to 5 visitors in people’s homes and 10 people at outdoor gatherings. Physical distancing and hygiene were to be maintained to stop the spread.

Further, step 2 increased gathering numbers and the reopening of affected businesses. Moreover, Step 3 further increases the number of people at gatherings to 100. People are also able to return to the workforce and interstate travel has restarted.

The progress and continual “flattening of the curve” has placed Australia in a positive position and moves us closer to recovery. This is great news for the logistics industry. With restaurants and bars opening with limitations, trains, and buses increasing the number of people allowed on board, it’s a step towards a recovered community. New South Wales Premier, Gladys Berejiklian, announced the reopening of schools full-time from May 25. These movements are positive steps for the economy.

On the other hand, a downfall of there recent updates refers to the significant tariff China placed on the export of Australian Barley. At least 50% of Australia’s Barley is exported to China. Therefore, tensions are increasing between Australia and China. These tensions began with Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s involvement in the promotion of an investigation into the origins of the COVID-19 virus.

Australian barley farmers are facing an 80% tariff on their crops. The introduction of such tariffs potentially blocking them from selling barley to their most lucrative market. The percentage is made up of two tariffs introduced on the export of barley. The first 73.6% tariff and the second 6.9% tariff relate to claims China has made against Australia. These claims refer to the alleged dumping of barley, selling the crop for more than it costs farmers to grow. The second claim relates to the subsidization of farmers by the Australian government.

Trade Minister Simon Birmingham is currently deciding on whether an appeal to the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

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TGL just got ATT approved!

TGL just got ATT approved! 150 150 tgl_editor

We are very excited to announce that we are now an accredited member of the Australian Trusted Trader program! Australian Trusted Trader was administered by Home Affairs alongside the Australian Border Force (ABF) for companies dealing with imports and exports. At TGL, we are committed to simplifying processes for our customers and this accreditation will do just that. We know all too well that you need your goods moved in a timely manner and with minimal costs incurred and our commitment to the ATT program will help us to help you.

What this means for our customers:

  • Priority processing
  • Priority treatment – reduced waiting times
  • Seamless border experiences
  • Origin waiver benefits

And many more. Through our compliant trade practices and secure international trade lines we are proud to be ATT accredited and the program is continually growing, adding more benefits and helping to streamline the process even more for you.


FREE HAND SANITISER OFFER 649 365 tgl_editor

Since the global pandemic hit, here at TGL we want to assist our clients and friend by protecting them from germs. So we are now offering free 75% alcohol hand sanitizers to all TGL customers!

According to experts, many hand sanitisers currently on the market do not actually contain enough alcohol to be effective in protecting against germs.

Equally, sanitisers with 100% alcohol are ineffective because they require water to work. The World Health Organisation (WHO) said “100 per cent alcohol is nowhere near as effective as 70 per cent, for instance, so getting the right concentration is important”.

Each TGL customer can receive a free allocation of 10x100ML per account. All you have to do is register your interest with your account manager or at For additional hand sanitisers and for non-TGL customers please contact us on 1800 845 845 for more info.

Free shipping for orders over AUD 500. Available from 20th May. Subject to availability

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