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August 2019

U.S – Canada Relationship

U.S – Canada Relationship La Chang

The relationship between the United States and Canada continues to thrive to the benefit of both countries. 

On the contrary to the new disagreement between China and the United-States, the relation between U.S and Canada remains civil and cooperative on an international stage.
Indeed, in 2018, Canada was the United states’ biggest goods export market. U.S exports to Canada accounted for 18% of overall U.S exports in 2018.
Canada is currently the United States’ second-largest goods trading partner with 617.2 billion in total goods trade during 2018.
The clearance process for businesses that tend to ship goods valued at less than 150$ is faster and less onerous between the two countries.
In term of ‘border security’, there is a friendly and mutual respectful trade relationship between both countries. The stage is set for safe and secure transportation.

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